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• tsukasa jun : doujinshi contributions •
For over a decade, Tsukasa Jun has been a member of an arcade game-focused doujinshi circle called Kacchu Musume (roughly, 'armor girl'). His early contributions to the group's anthologies were mainly color covers based on game characters, but later he began contributing manga and additional color illustrations as well. As he grew tired of drawing game characters, he started coming up with his own characters for cover illustrations. Tsukasa's favorite characters to draw in these volumes seem to be those from the Street Fighter and Resident Evil/Biohazard series. Unless otherwise noted, each of these doujinshi contains a healthy amount of adult content.

Amida Knuckle
176pp, ¥2,500. 16 full-color pages.
Kacchu Musume, 12/29/2005, COMIKET 69.
Contributed: front cover, B&W illustration

Another typically massive Kacchu Musume omnibus, this includes comics and "adult" sections, with parodies of Fate/Stay Night, Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear Solid, School Rumble, Final Fantasy XI, and a couple of hilarious sections featuring Ichigo Mashimaro characters in (a) a samurai drama, and (b) the game Shadow of the Colossus. Professional, high-quality work all around. Currently-in-vogue artist OKAMA contributed a short sequence of color illustrations.

Sample 1

Kabushikigaisha Rebasashi (Corporation Chopped Liver)
Kacchu Musume, 08/14/2004, COMIKET 66
Contributed: front cover, ?

Sample 1

Aranawa Gunsou (The Sergeant Coarse Rope)
64pp, B5, ¥3,500
Kacchu Musume, 12/29/2003
Contributed: front cover, ?

More information needed.

The Mayonnaise War
116pp, B5, ¥2,000
Kacchu Musume, 8/15/2003
Contributed: front cover, ?

More information needed.

Sanagi Hakusho (The Chrysalis White Paper)
Kacchu Musume, 2002
Contributed: front cover, color illustrations, manga

Kacchu Musume members contributed sections with characters from Guilty Gear XX, Xenosaga, Mahoromatic, Final Fantasy XI, Klonoa, and original characters. Tsukasa's section focuses on small arms, but has illustrations of characters from Azumanga-Daioh, Aliens (!), and Biohazard (remake).

Sample 1 Sample 2
Osashimi Bokujou (The Farm of Osashimi)
158pp, B5
Kacchu Musume, 8/2002
Contributed: front cover, back cover, manga

Features characters from Samurai Shodown, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XI, Street Fighter Zero 3, La Pucelle (in a very pretty segment), Azumanga-Daioh (done Fist of the North Star-style!), Xenosaga, Wild Arms 3, Guilty Gear XX, Soul Calibur, and original characters. Tsukasa's segment focuses on Street Fighter, Sakura Taisen 3, and Biohazard characters, as well as the Sega Dreamcast.

Back cover Sample 1 Sample 2
Gekkan Brazil (Monthly Brazil)
190pp, B5
Kacchu Musume, 8/2001
Contributed: front cover, back cover

Tsukasa only drew covers for this issue, but other circle members' works include characters from King of Fighters, Phantasy Star Online, Guilty Gear X, Sakura Taisen (including a Powerpuff Girls crossover, Vampire, Street Fighter, R.O.D., original characters, and others.

Kokuhou Teishoku (The National Treasure Set Lunch)
164pp, B5
Kacchu Musume, 2001
Contributed: front cover, back cover

This issue includes parodies by members other than Tsukasa of Samurai Shodown, Guilty Gear XX, King of Fighters, Final Fantasy X, Nadia (in which she meets the main character of Disney's Atlantis), Valkyrie Profile, Sister Princess, Pikmin, and others.

Back cover
Seen Cyber C
Kacchu Musume, 2001
Contributed: 1 color illustration

This relatively small doujinshi calls itself a "GGX Only Book," and Guilty Gear X is certainly the only series featured herein. The volume has (surprisingly) almost no adult content, and has several stories featuring GGX characters. Tsukasa's contribution to the work is a full-color illustration of Baiken.

甲冑通信 Vol. 26
Kacchu Tsuushin vol. 26
Kacchu Musume, Winter 2000
Contributed: 1 monochrome illustration

Tsukasa contributed to this volume a line drawing of Lum from Urusei Yatsura with...a Zakrello from Gundam 0079, along with words of encouragement to the team. The rest of the volume is fairly scattered, with original characters mixed in with copyrighted ones, and features a short segment based on Boku no Natsuyasumi.
Takayukashiki Mobile Suit (High-floor-type Mobile Suit)
264pp, B5, ¥3,000
Kacchu Musume, 8/11/2000

Shokuyou France-jin (Edible Frenchman)
164pp, B5
Kacchu Musume, 2000
Contributed: front cover, back cover

This is another volume with no Tsukasa manga contribution. The collection contains parodies of characters from Guilty Gear X most prominently and also includes characters from King of Fighters, To Heart, Street Fighter EX, Sakura Taisen, Kanon, and Biohazard. The book's section of color pages is especially of note, as it has several illustrations that are quite beautiful.

Kurohige Yakkyoku (Black Moustache Pharmacy)
239pp, B5, ¥3,000
Kacchu Musume, 8/1999
Contributed: front cover, back cover, color illustrations, manga

Tsukasa's monochrome contributions to this hefty volume include mostly pencil sketches of characters of his own, as well as the usual Capcom characters, a rather chunky mecha, a large Minolta camera along with its operator, and a page with realistic interpretations of One Piece characters. The rest of the manga focuses heavily on Final Fantasy XIII, with many stories based on the game included. Also present are characters from Princess Crown, Dino Crisis, Silent Hill, Last Blade, Dead or Alive, Tron ni Kobun, Tomb Raider, Street Fighter EX, Cardcaptor Sakura, DiGi Charat, and Samurai Shodown.

Back cover Sample 1 Sample 2
Rai Mugibatake de Gold Medal
Kacchu Musume, 12/30/1998
Contributed: front cover, back cover
Bushi wa Tabewanedo Wasabi Nuki
244pp, B5, ¥4,000
Kacchu Musume, 8/15/1998
Contributed: front cover, back cover, ?

More information needed.
Ochakura Wars
Kacchu Musume, 1998
Contributed: front cover

As the title implies, this one's all about Sakura Taisen parodies.
Shinkuu Tatsumaki Tokkibutsu
255pp, B5 size, ¥1,500. 12 full-color pages.
Kacchu Musume, 12/28/1997.
Contributed: front cover, ?

More information needed.
Funamushi (Sea Louse) King
252pp, B5 size, ¥1,500. 18 full-color pages.
Kacchu Musume, 8/15/1997.
Contributed: front cover, ?

More information needed.
Godzilla vs. Currytaste
Kacchu Musume, 1996
Contributed: front cover, back cover, color illustrations, text

Tsukasa contributed a healthy number of color illustrations to this collection, nearly all of fighting game characters (Nakoruru, Mai Shiranui, a deadly-looking Cammy, Felicia, Taki, Chun Li, and finally April from Hot Gimmick entirely au naturel), and a page of color manga panels with characters from Biohazard. He also contributed a page of text describing the weapons featured in the first Biohazard game. The rest of the doujinshi features characters from Tekken 2, Street Fighter Zero 2, Vampire, Biohazard, Elevator Action, Tokimeki Memorial, Sonic the Fighters (with the characters portrayed as catgirls/hedgehog-girls!), Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara, and Virtua Fighter 2.

Back cover Sample 1 Sample 2
Star Dokkiri Colony Drop
250pp, B5
Kacchu Musume, 12/28/1996
Contributed: front cover, back cover, manga
Ninpou Seppuku
261pp. 68 full-color pages.
Kacchu Musume, 1995.
Contributed: front cover, back cover

Present are front and back cover by Tsukasa, as well as manga parodies of Dragon Quest 6, Galaxy Fight, Captain Commando, Vampire, Virtua Fighter 2, Tengai Makyou, and Cyberbots. Some rather rough and grotesque stuff is present in an included Front Mission story, and discretion is advised. There's also a very pretty manga story that's based on Wizardry V.

Back cover
Contributed: monochrome illustration

This volume features single monochrome illustrations from just under 30 artists, including Tsukasa Jun, Tsukasa Kotobuki, Takuya Inoue, and the famous Haruhiko Mikimoto. The theme here is flashes or glances of something titillating, and each of the illustrations reflects that in some way.

Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 2
Tropical Rikidohzan
Kacchu Musume, 1994
Contributed: monochrome illustrations

Tsukasa may "only" have contributed two illustrations to this collection, but that's not to say it's without value. Aside from the variety of fighting-game parodies common to Kacchu Musume's works (with Virtua Fighter, Art of Fighting, Street Fighter II, Fatal Fury, Vampire, and the ever-popular Samurai Shodown), the book features parodies of Fire Emblem, Kikikaikai (Pocky & Rocky), Dragon Ball, Twinbee (starting Winbee), and - er - Itadaki Street.

Sample 1 Sample 2
President Guillotine
Kacchu Musume, 1994
Contributed: front cover

Tsukasa contributed the front cover to this issue, but naught else. However, if you've ever wanted to see adult Chrono Trigger doujinshi, this is one to get. Also featured are King of Fighters, Genesis cult classic Alisia Dragoon, Vampire, Samurai Shodown 2, and supernatural-themed anime series GS Mikami.

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