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• tsukasa jun : original doujinshi •
The following items are doujinshi [independently released books] by Tsukasa Jun. The majority of these were sold at yearly conventions such as Comiket and cannot be obtained through ordinary book retailers.

50pp, A4 size
08/14/2005, COMIKET 68

After problems getting rid of excess stock of TB2002 and the 2004 and 2005 calendars, Tsukasa kept the print run small for DRAW, not willing to lose any money. However, DRAW immediately sold out at COMIKET 68 and Tsukasa currently has no plans to reprint his latest doujinshi. DRAW contains all black and white artwork this time around.

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Tsukasa Bullet 2004
56pp, B5 size
Printed by T-Wave, 08/13/2004, COMIKET 66

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Tsukasa Bullet 2002
46pp, B5 size, ¥1800
Printed by T-Wave, 08/11/2002, COMIKET 62

Tsukasa's 2002 doujinshi is a somewhat thin book, totaling 46 pages. The first 10 pages are in full color and the remaining black and white pages include illustrations with notes from Tsukasa, design works depicting book designs, two mini manga strips (one featuring the characters on the book's cover), and additional sketch work. Almost the entirety of the artwork is original character illustrations and designs; very few fanart-style images are included. The presentation of the book is very straightforward. The paper quality is nice but nothing extraordinary.

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Tsukasa Bullet 2001
50pp, B5 size
Printed by T-Wave, 08/12/2001, COMIKET 60

Tsukasa's 2001 collection features a comic with his original characters Satsuki and Yayoi, plus illustrations and comics featuring characters from Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Resident Evil, and Soul Calibur. Baiken from Guilty Gear X even makes an appearance on one of the eight full-color pages. Also featured are other original characters of Tsukasa's, including his oft-menacing female ninja and Kaen from Sengoku Blade.

Sample 1 Sample 2
Tsukasa Bullet Special 2000 [00]
19 single prints + 40pp b&w reference book, ¥4000, A4 size
Printed by T-Wave, 08/11/2000, COMIKET 58

This is one of Tsukasa's more elaborate doujinshi, with 19 single [removable] prints bound in a plastic-esque binder with a separate 40 page reference book. Take note that each drawing in 00 is also featured in the Tsukasa Bullet original illustration book (Deluxe Edition.)

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Gun Blue 1999
18 sheets

A set of 18 loose illustrations.
Tsukasa Bullet 1999
98pp, B5 size, ¥4000
Printed by T-Wave, 08/1999, COMIKET 56

Tsukasa's 1999 doujinshi release is a pleasantly thick book containing 98 pages, 30 of which are full color. It also contains a small fold-out image. Similar to Tsukasa's other books, 1999 includes a large variety of fan-style artwork covering everything from Street Fighter to King of Fighters to Rival Schools to Resident Evil to Neon Genesis Evangelion to X-Men. Of course, many original character illustrations and sketches are present as well.

In typical Tsukasa fashion, several mini manga strips are contained within the book. These strips in 1999 are devoted to King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Art of Fighting, and his own personal characters. [The Street Fighter strip is surprisingly racy, not to mention... racy enough that some blur censoring is implemented.]

The quality of the actual book is very high. The cover is constructed of a thick, coarse paper material. The color images are printed on glossy sheets and the black and white work is presented on off-white pages with a distinct textured feel. You could swear the pencil marks came directly from Tsukasa's pencil to each of the pages.

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Tsukasa Bullet 1997
130pp, B5 size
Printed by T-Wave, 12/27/1997

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12/1994, COMIKET 47

This is a collection of original images that were done for the PC-98 game Yumeutsutsu/Dreamy. Some are full color, but there are also sketches and "free talk" sections (notes from Tsukasa). The book focuses on a character from the game named Rinran.

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Gun Blue

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Tsukasa Bullet Calendar 2005
20pp, ¥1000
12/29/2004, COMIKET 67

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Tsukasa Bullet Calendar 2004
20pp, ¥1000
12/30/2003, COMIKET 65

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Tsukasa Bullet Calendar 2003
20pp, ¥1000
12/30/2002, COMIKET 63

Tsukasa Bullet Calendar 2002
20pp, ¥1000
12/30/2001, COMIKET 61

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Tsukasa Jun Calendar 2001
20pp, ¥1000
12/29/2000, COMIKET 59

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Tsukasa Jun Poster Set 2005
2 posters, A2 size
08/14/2005, COMIKET 68

This double poster set features illustrations of a katana-wielding woman. A protective sheet covers the set with two drawings of the posters printed in black.

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